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Hidden gems

Best outdoor workout spots on campus

98在线福利网Along the river and throughout the university, enjoy blue skies and a workout any way you please.

August 09, 2019


Ohio State’s Columbus campus offers a sweet-spot mix of city life and lush green spaces.

Even blue spaces.

98在线福利网So if you’re apt to choose the outdoors when you want to break a sweat, there’s a space, a clinic, a canoe, a class or a team for that.

98在线福利网Where? Glad you asked: Here’s our top outdoor workout spots on campus.

Scenic running, walking paths

98在线福利网Stretch your legs and log some miles on these trails.

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Team sports

98在线福利网Take your competitive streak to any of the courts, fields and pitches that dot campus.

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Recreation sports

Good with tennis or golf clubs? Flying discs? Your skills won’t get rusty here.

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Restorative activities

98在线福利网Breathe in, breathe out, cool down.

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98在线福利网Discover even more hidden Ohio State gems.

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