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President Drake looks ahead to new school year

August 21, 2014

President Michael V. Drake arrived on campus over the summer and shares his early experiences at Ohio State and what he’s learned about becoming a Buckeye.

While he is no longer Ohio State’s newest Buckeye, President Drake considers himself one of the proudest.

98在线福利网“One of the things I’m able to feel now more viscerally than in the abstract is what it means to be a Buckeye,” he says. “The level of pride and devotion to the university are things that really are unmatched.”

Since arriving on campus June 30, Drake has toured campus and met some of those at orientation. During the , he visited one of Ohio’s biggest cities and learned about the work being done at Ohio State’s regional campuses.

Drake found inspiration riding with in , and he was uplifted by celebrating Ohio State’s newest alumni at Summer Commencement. He says, “Commencement really is the beginning of the rest of your life.”

As students arrive on campus this week for the start of another year, Drake encourages them to savor their time at the university – and to spend that time reaching toward new heights.

“These are moments to really savor, moments to be really alive and moments to really participate,” he says. “(This) is an opportunity to challenge yourself and to see how you do when you do your best.”