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We believe college can be a reality for everyone, no matter your income or background. It's a matter of finding good information, the right people to help and planning wisely.

Featured Student Organizations

Buckeyes for AppalachiaBuckeyes for Appalachia

Ohio's Appalachian region is a diverse and unique region that has historically faced severe economic challenges. Many students from Appalachia are first-generation college students, and many are from small, rural communities. Students who are first-generation college students often face additional challenges adjusting to college life, as family does not share "what to expect" at college.

This group will provide opportunities to have fun while giving back to Appalachian communities through several means, including inspiring Appalachian middle and high school students to take the steps necessary to reach higher education. This group will also combat the negative stereotypes that exist about Appalachian communities by fun and effective outreach to the campus community. Students who are not from Appalachia but would like to participate are also welcome.

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1stgenlogoFirst Generation Student Association 

As first-generation college students, we strive to make the transition for high school students to college a smooth and informed experience. We will provide opportunities for our members to make their futures successful and therefore raise the retention for first-generation students at The Ohio State University. Students who are not first generation but are interested in the organization are also welcome to join.

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